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Brief History 

  Camera Broker has a pre-history that began in 1967 when Mike Partayan moved from California to Boulder, Colorado to start Mikes Camera.  Ten years later he decided to branch out and then our real history began.  Mike opened his next store in 1977 in Longmont, Colorado with Jerry Lusk as the manager.  At that time the store name was Mikes Camera of Longmont.  Three years later Mike sold the original Mikes Camera of Boulder to a true gentleman named Kaloust Christianian.  Then one year later in 1981 Jerry, his wife Barbara, and their friend Jack bought the store and changed the name to Camera Broker.  A few years later Jerry and Barbara purchased Jack's investment.  Finally in 2008 Camera Broker closed the doors on the brick & mortar storefront and became an internet only company.

Our Goal

  Since the store's beginning, the goal of Camera Broker has been to provide quality products and services to the community.  We have always been the old fashioned type of store where we waited on you when you came in.  Our hallmark was to answer any questions about cameras, lenses, accessories or photography in general.  When you needed help understanding a feature of your camera, you went to Camera Broker.  When you wanted to know why your pictures did not come out the way you expected, you went to Camera Broker.  When you needed your battery contacts cleaned or your batteries tested, you went to Camera BrokerWhen you wanted to try to understand the new digital camera age you went to Camera BrokerWe hoped that this freely offered service would make you want to buy from us.  It did, and it has worked for over thirty years.  That is why, when we went to a web based operation, we wanted to make sure you have a real person to talk to when you need advice or direction about your purchase.  We want you to still be able to send us an E-Mail or call on the phone with questions (although not on a 24 hour basis like the internet).  When you want to know how to change the color of an image in Adobe PhotoshopTM or want to know what type of camera you need when photographing your daughter playing softball Camera Broker can still help.  Try getting that from a "big box" store. With over 35 years in the photo industry we still do not know everything, but we do know a lot.  Camera Broker is only a small cog in the photographic community, but we have valued this relationship and continue to enjoy it  immensely. 


Remember to bookmark our site and visit often since we will constantly be adding inventory.  Thanks for looking!

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